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EOS Mainnet was frozen for 5 hours – discussion on decentralization

83b49ac513de248a6d7fa3e680b4a809 - EOS Mainnet was frozen for 5 hours – discussion on decentralization

The EOS-Mainnet was just 14. June activated. Already 48 hours after the Launch of the Blockchain, has revealed now of the first error. How different Block Producer, reports on Twitter, is frozen, the EOS-Blockchain””. Transactions made in the entire network to a Standstill.

How EOS Auhority announced via Twitter, has been made, the developer team yesterday at 11:56 PM German time attention to an error that led to the Freezing of all transactions in the network. As a result, a Block Producer, a conference was convened in order to identify the errors in the Code.

Within less than five hours, the team of developers released an Update which resolved the Problem. The cause was according to current information in the handling of transactions. The 21 Block Producers have agreed on a solution to the transactions of the “thaw”. The Upgrade to the EOS Software, the contains the Patch that was released with Version 1.0.5. After the Upgrade, the 21 Block Producer conducted an Update of its Nodes and synchronized with each other, and the EOS-Blockchain for the Public was accessible again.

The discussion of the decentralization

Because of the error and the way that this has been fixed, is not flared in the social media and various forums, once again, a discussion about the EOS Blockchain with its Delegated Proof-of-Stake, and the Block Producer System in a decentralized manner.

In the framework of the delegates “Proof-of-Stake” System that is virtually created a democracy that is ruled by 21 block prodzenten (Block Producer, short-BPs). The Block Producer were chosen before the beginning of the Mainnet launch and you can’t be deselected at any time, if you work in the public interest. On the first vote 15% of all EOS owners and their tokens were required to initialize the Launch. This is on 14. June happen. Since then, the BPs will validate the transactions in the network and form the consensus.

Many critics of the EOS condemned the fact that there are a limited number of Nodes, which are operated by the BPs, because the network is not decentralized from their point of view, this is sufficient. While the BPs yesterday to work on the Troubleshooting, for many, the fact that the Blockchain is being debugged to Attend a conference with 21, therefore, made it clear that EOS is not decentralized enough.

The news about the Bug, and the Freezing of the Blockchain have to drop the price of the EOS-yesterday temporarily to five percent. In the meantime, the price could recover. At the time of writing (09:15 PM) EOS with around one percent over the past 24 hours in the Minus.

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