DJ Jean furious, Johan Derksen

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DJ Jean is angry at Johan Derksen after he Friday night statements about him has done in VI Orange Stays at Home. In a video message he gets bright out to the mustached voetbalcommentator.

“Hey, Johan Derksen, praatjesmaker are you eh at the table, if I don’t? There are you to be known. Zielepoot that you are”, begins a wicked DJ Jean his story.

He continues: “to Me a bit ridiculous eh on Dutch tv, just because you happen to be a day later sits at the table. Hey, you have no idea what kind of life I lead and how great that is. Each week, four, five parties. And you?”, and he also still likes to use this to ms. Derksen.

Jan Engelaar, such as the dj actually called, calls Derksen also a scarecrow. “Believe me, you’re a scarecrow that only everyone is to be believed, but you have nothing to report face to face.”

Also he challenges Johan, for he says: “I would say: if you have a big mouth against me, do it face to face. Come on, come on. Johan Derksen, with your big mouth, come on.”

Despite the fact that Johan Derksen Friday night actually criticism would express the Luuk Ikink, he decided Friday night that is “too unimportant”, which he then his shafts founded on DJ Jean. “I’ve broken sit annoyed at that crazy out there yesterday was that alcoholic who said that he 2000 women fucked had. I have here every day arguing about the length of the number of the strap. That I never want to have. When the man twenty minutes to get to raaskallen, then they may be quite a number of three minutes of play. How the hell is it possible that an editorial team, so dick invites?”, according to Derksen.

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