Colleagues psychiatrist furious about the abuse

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Joure – Director Dorine Abbink of youth-therapeutic center ‘Therapeuticum’, stripped and furious” after the reports about her of child abuse suspicious fellow kinderpsychiater Piet Hein of T..

Director Dorine Abbink of youth-therapeutic center ‘Therapeuticum’

Piet Hein, T. (66) was last Thursday in Nepal caught red-handed and arrested in the presence of a 15-year-old boy, whom he had for years would have abused. ,,I am very angry and sad about confidence that he is ashamed. This is so true we do not stand for,” says director Abbink for the door of the centre, in a suburb of the city of Joure.

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The 66-year-old Of T. worked until today as a self-employed two days per week for Therapeuticum. He has now been suspended and we terminate the collaboration,” says Abbink.

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According to the director had Of T. at its center, no children in therapy. He did, however, psychiatric consultations and wrote medication for. As a result he was rarely or never alone with the children. Were always parents or a colleague present. But I don’t know what he elsewhere for work performed.”

Although according to the prosecution, no indications are found that Of T. also guilty of child abuse in the Netherlands, Abbink concern about the consequences for the young patients who are under treatment of its city center. ,,Are already vulnerable families and children. This must be hard to arrive at them.”

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All residents of the therapeutic centre receive soon a notification in writing about the situation. From Monday, there is a central phone number where people involved with their questions.

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