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Bruno Mars: The best of the nineties (and more)

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Smart little guy is Bruno Mars. He threw the best and most funky material from the recent pop history in his shaker, added there are many talents, shook the bunch (with the help of Mark Ronson) thoroughly and voilà: the cocktail called ‘Uptown funk’ was ready. You have already eaten at any wedding party since 2014 and believe us, you’ll below many times served get. Oh, there are worse things. ‘Le Lac du Connemara’ for example.

But rotgetalenteerd he is, therefore, also, that Bruno Mars. Whether it’s fair to him now to compare with a popicoon like Michael Jackson? Maybe that’s indeed a bit too early. But we can’t help that, during Mars’ concert constantly Michael had to think. How he in his dead one the ballad ‘Versace ‘ on the floor’ brought: a song that is just as corny as syrupy, but still the wei in joy. How he Michaels moves were imitated, but there is also his own twist gave: the moonwalk was a marswalk. How he, with the greatest ease at the same time, rapte and danced in a irresistibly funky ‘Perm’, a song that paid tribute brought to ‘Apache’ by The Sugarhill Gang.

Also Prince, another artist who is Bruno Mars like homage, was never far away. ‘Marry you’ resulted in the gitaaruithalen that ‘Purple rain’ ends. And to the nineties-references to complete: ‘Calling all my lovelies’ was a big fat nod to the sugary sweet ballads that Boyz II Men was in the charts was.


In short, you saw here a born entertainer to work. A perfectionist additionally, just as long as exercise and scuffs to the seems to be or the him no effort to be in its own stage in the palms.

That planing said occasionally, was the show for our taste a little too polished. Were Mars’ companions now dancers for the show, an instrument had to grasp, or musicians who are at the same time, the saxophone could play, and dance steps to perform? We suspect the first, and that is a pity, because what we would like to see a show where Bruno Mars is playing with a live band that is something more to chance would leave.

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