Bruno Mars takes the Pinkpop festival, in concert

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For many visitors it was Bruno Mars this Pinkpop festival, the strange duck in the bite. The American hitzanger was one of the valves, in addition to rockgiganten Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters. Nevertheless, he received the honour of being the three-day to a worthy end, and that he did swinging.

Bruno Mars pulled right from the outset, everything from the cabinet to the Pinkpop festival, the finale to give it that festival after three full days of music deserves. Dancers, a huge band, and an infinite series of fireworks lifted his retro disco show to level. The mass on the large field, could only follow, making it soon the feast was that the organization had hoped, but still not completely counted. Because it fits a popman pur sang if as finalenummer on a festival like this? In the year 2018. Bruno Mars proved to be the perfect light, airy boss battle, after earlier dagafsluitingen this year of the heavy Pearl Jam and the pumping Foo Fighters.

Pinkpop had a rather varied third and final day of this year. In terms of names, in terms of fame, but particularly in terms of the genres ran the program very broad today. So was the opening for Ronnie Flex on the Mainstage. And as always showed the rapping singer himself lord and master on the stage and ultimately came to the young and old to the heupwiegen. After him was, again, a young Dutch artist at the turn, namely the Moon. The first that ever participated in the tv program The Voice of Holland and the to Pinkpop kicked. The public went further here where he and Ronnie Flex had stayed in dance.

Of quite another order was then Brian Fallon, the rocker that already twice on the podium here with his band The Gaslight Anthem. For his soloset he was taken to the tentpodium banned, what a good choice it turned out. The punkbranie of yesteryear was exchanged for an ultra-polite image and the music of this Jersey-boy also. Quality hear, but a bit static.

That you could of the show from the Don Diablo not to say. The dj and producer is already ten years a big name in the dancewereld and who took that reputation to Landgraaf. There they look now more of a dance act, more or less. Certainly not at such a high-peak-deep-drop-set as the 38-year-old Sunday turned. Parties there are never enough.

On the mainstage were except Bruno Mars is two acts that are worth mentioning in this. First, there was that opportunity for DI-RECT, that could substitute for The Kooks, that with a sick frontman struggled. The Hague showed that she had already long not more from the show to fall on a festival full of fantastic musicians. That they have a solid dose of rock in their ranks, but also to disco’s dare grab, to name but a few. Play they can.

Of Editors, finally, we know that last long. The British also had a step higher on the poster is appropriate, perhaps even required. Fine on a day when so many kinds of music, in succession to hear a rock band like this steals the show. Feels like that so it should be on Pinkpop.

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