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Brave: the Twelfth rank in Startup Ranking

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Two years ago, criticism rained down on Brave, the Browser from Mozilla-founder and Java Script inventor Brendan Eich. The charge: The built-in Adblocker, ruin the business of advertising. Also, the editor of the Wall Street Journal agreed that time in the jammer’s choir. Nevertheless, On 12. June, the WSJ’s Brave brought in its Ranking of the 25 most important Tech Startups in the twelfth place.

Brave promises to its users above all: the protection of your privacy. This also means that the Browser abfischt no personal data. That’s why features to Block advertising and Ad Tracking are integrated by default in the Browser. Much to the dismay of the publisher: This accused Brave-chief, Brendan Eich, to be Browser robs them of their main source of income, advertising. In an open letter to Eich was threatened with an injunction. Was one of the writers of the letter, a representative of Dow Jones & Company, publisher of the Wall Street Journal.

Brave and the Dow Jones

The resentment, however, seems to be a thing of the past: In April of this year it was announced that Brave Software will enter into a partnership with Dow Jones; according to the Motto “If you can’t beat them, join them”. The new friends want to achieve with your collaboration, Content producers, without violating the private sphere of the recipient.

A Central role of the Brave in a record-breaking ICO launched crypto currency plays BAT. The user can decide in the case of participating media now about whether you want to watch an advertisement or not. The trick: For each viewed advertisement, the User receives a small reward in the Form of a BAT. The Token can donate the user then, for example, to Content producers, or he bought them access to Premium content.

Brave has taken on a problem that is as old as the first Pop-up advertising. In this respect, the good placement of the browser in the WSJ Ranking is certainly justified. Only one thing you should keep in the back of his head: Who paid for the chapel, and also determines what will be played.

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