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Bitcoin Lightning Network: Zap Wallet gets cool new Features

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Jack Mallers, a developer of Zap, which is an Open-Source-Lightning-Network-Wallet yesterday, presented by Twitter some cool, new Features for the Zap-Wallet. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin Mainnet has already grown to over 2,200 active Lightning Nodes.

Zap is a Bitcoin Wallet, which Bitcoin Lightning Network uses to send transactions immediately and free-of-charge and receive. Lightning is developed by Lightning Labs, and aims to resolve the scalability problem of Bitcoin.

The basis of the Lightning network, the so-called “Payment Channels” (in English: payment channels), which serve the purpose of the payments outside the Bitcoin Blockchain (“Off-Chain”). The advantage of this method is that the transactions must not be directly validated by the Miner.

Instead, two or more parties can open a Payment Channel and so many transactions to send, how you want to, by themselves to determine over what period of time you leave the channel open and thus ongoing payments. The transactions are first written to the Bitcoin Blockchain, if both parties sign the Payment Channel with your private key (Private key) and thus indicate that the transactions are completed.

Zap aims to support this technology through the development of a Wallets. For this purpose, Mallers has developed some new Features for the Zap-Wallet, which make use of the Wallets both safer and easier.

Among other things, Mallers has developed “Zap Connect”. Using the Zap to Connect a QR can be created Code that the user can connect from his mobile phone made a connection to his Home-Desktop Node. Thus, the user can have a Lightning-Node on the telephone and/ or by scanning the QR code with any Node to connect to.

A further feature called Zap LN iMessage on an iPhone and iMessage can be a account as a text message is generated. The recipient can simply click on the invoice to process the payment immediately and free of charge.

A Beta-Test Version of the App is to be deployed according to the Mallers in a timely manner in the App Store.

While the Zap-Wallet-developed App, there are, of course, but also other Bitcoin enthusiasts, to develop a Wallet. So rawtx has also published a few days ago an iOS App in the Apple Store. The Video below shows how a transaction from an Android to an iOS device works by means of Lightning.

In addition, the Lightning Network seems to be getting more and more travel. After we reported in mid-March that the Lightning Network is already about 90% finished and already 1.006 active Nodes can be present, this figure has doubled in the last 3 months. Currently, the Bitcoin Mainnet Lightning network 2.229 Nodes and 5.362 Payment Channels. A time, when the Lightning Network is officially released, not rail, however, it is still. Those interested can follow the progress and discussions on Github.

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