Arrival of Aquarius was accurately directed event

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Never before in Spain a group of migrants as big a welcome as on this Sunday morning in Valencia. The 629 persons on board the Aquarius, the Dattilo and the Orione be after more than a week at sea on the quay of the seaport will be met by 2.320 volunteers and seven hundred journalists. This, by the new Spanish government orchestrated modelontvangst’ will, however, not a rule, but probably a one-time exception.

Because almost at the same time stings like a thousand other migrants from Morocco, with danger for own life the sea, on the road from Africa to Europe. In addition, four persons to life. Outside …

Because almost at the same time stings like a thousand other migrants from Morocco, with danger for own life the sea, on the road from Africa to Europe. In addition, four persons to life. Out of sight of the cameras, they will disappear into the vast anonymous mass grave of the Mediterranean Sea.

The new Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez has succeeded in the spotlight of Europe are full on themselves and on the migratiecrisis to get. The instead plays with aplomb the role of gracious host of a boat full of rejected migrants. Thus he shows himself to eurosceptic populists from Italy. And in his own country, he takes the wind out of the sails of the left-radical Podemos.

Cruise ships

‘The arrival of the Aquarius’, it has something surreal. As if it were a precisely directed event. Everything is in the details captured.

Last Tuesday. When it becomes clear that Valencia, the interim final destination of the Aquarius, the part of the port where the cruise ships moor, is readied for a large-scale reception.

Via special apps can the route of the boats all day to the nautical mile to be accurately followed. Hundreds of accredited journalists gather at Sunday morning 5.00 am from a specially equipped press centre, with buses to a dropped port. Even after the expected arrival time of 6.00 pm is the Dattilo in sight. On the ship of the Italian coast guard to sit 274 migrants. From small boats called a number of workers the immigrants with a modest applause to welcome. Only hours later, the Aquarius and the Orione.

Telephoto lenses

The arrival of the 629 migrants – of which 130 are a minor – it is only through telephoto lenses, or with the help of messages of the church on social media. So, it is clear that a 29-year-old man from the south of Sudan the first is that a circuit of all kinds of operations on tables under white tents on the subject. Then he, with others, to a shelter brought the expectation of an asylum procedure. An earlier plan to everyone immediately a residence permit is already apart.

Rarely or never be in Spain all of the protocols so accurately carried out. And employees of the involved organisations as SOS Mediterráneo, Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross don’t get often pay so much attention to their story.

‘Role played’

David Noguera, the Spanish director of Doctors without Borders, makes grateful use of all existing media. “The peak season of the migration is coming again. Italy has a very negative situation ensured through the borders to close. If we do nothing, then we pay the consequences in terms of human lives’, says Noguera in many microphones.

“We deliver the migrants here over to the authorities. Our role here is played out. But the problem will not fix it. It is up to politics to create a real solution to think of.”


The crisis around the Aquarius grows in the past week, from the metaphor of one of the biggest issues of the European Union: what solutions are offered for the increasing migration? The gesol, with the lifeboat stands as a symbol for the lack of a uniform migration policy within Europe.

The new populist Italian government of the Vijfsterrenbeweging and the Lega grabs her chance to perform an act. Matteo Salvini, deputy prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, plays with the refuse of the Aquarius high game on the back of the migrants.

Other course

Sánchez plays immediately to the crisis situation in and saw a perfect way to provide a solution as soon as the new socialist prime minister to be profiled.

Thus he is both within and outside of Spain clear that the Southern European country after the departure of the conservative prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, a different price will go. The gesture of Sánchez creates a wave of solidarity in Spain.

From multiple regions will supply a part of the migrants to catch. The only opposition comes from the excited Partido Popular of marketed Rajoy. An anti-migratiepartij know Spain is not.


After the economic crisis and the terrorist attacks is the migratiecrisis now the most acute problem of Europe. The spirits walk on in the run-up to the European Summit of 28 and 29 June in Brussels. And now the issue is suddenly prominent on the agenda has come to stand, is the border between Morocco and Spain suddenly no longer so watertight. That seems to be no coincidence.

The Moroccan authorities have already demonstrated, whether or not in consultation with Spain – to be able to ‘play’ with the number of migrants. Sánchez has with the acquisition of the Aquarius a problem for the rest of Europe gained, but he will now also point to the renewed flow of migrants from Morocco. Sánchez will change and ask for the reception of the 629 migrants of the Aquarius. In Spain for nothing the sun.

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