Army Libya picks former driver for Bin laden

8a703a3e3e0a7613acfe6f553240f326 - Army Libya picks former driver for Bin laden

TRIPOLI – Libyan soldiers in the port city of Derna, Abu Sufian bin Qumu is captured. This is reported in the Saudi state broadcaster Al Arabiya on the authority of a military source. The 59-year old Bin Qumu, the former driver of Osama bin laden and one of the leaders of the Libyan terrorist organisation Ansar al-Sharia.

Libyan soldiers in the city of Derna. Archive view.

Troops of the mighty warlord Khalifa Haftar took the past few days, Derna, after a siege of almost a year. The city was in the hands of extremist groups, including Bin Qumu. According to the military source could Bin Qumu, who in Derna is born, getting caught when his fighters by their ammunition.

Bin Qumu was moved in the eighties to Afghanistan and fought with the Taliban against the Soviet Union. Later, he joined al-Qaeda. He was the driver of Bin laden, then in Sudan lived.

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