Alex Agnew feels the old age

5573c529d93888032ced369ff23a1912 - Alex Agnew feels the old age

Alex Agnew says in the Mediahuiskranten that he is becoming the old age begins to feel. “What brings that? Not: Oooh, my mind expands, I become wise. On the contrary: you are evil at all, and much faster than before. Your tolerance is less. And when my bucket is overflowing, I know: it is time again to have a show to do. If I ‘ns a feminist, hear whining and I think: For fuck’s sake, where are you? What are your stats? That of twenty years ago? You might even need to know how many young girls will now proceed to study, how to get more diplomas to achieve than men. You have to, don’t tell me that women only but have drawbacks in this world. We agree about custody of children? What you as a man need to do to win? That in itself is not bad, and I also have no problem with feminism that departs from the struggle for equality. But that new chatty bunch, that is just revanchistische mannenhaat. That is also compared to real feminists are not fair.”

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