Again, deaths by violence in Nicaragua

b04ef5b26c7a8e58d36bbfb601084065 - Again, deaths by violence in Nicaragua

MANAGUA – the Nicaraguan capital of Managua are Saturday, eight people died, when the violence between police and protesters once again oplaaide. Two people died by bullets and a family of six was killed when their house burned down.

Pedestrians walk along the packed body of a man that the inhabitants would be killed, because he was a ’government spy’.

A relative of the family told Reuters that agents the house burned because the owner no snipers on the roof would suffer. The other two people came, according to local media, when police officers and regeringsaanhangers opened fire on protesters who are a road block guarded.

Earlier in the day, the government and representatives of the protesters agreed on an international investigation into the violence, and blockages to remove. Both parties have let you know by wanting to talk. Already more than 170 people have been killed in the violence.

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