Youp van ’t Hek: ’Derksen and Jibes were still mild’

168c64bf423de82675847389a704c60b - Youp van ’t Hek: ’Derksen and Jibes were still mild’

Youp van ’t Hek is in total agreement with the criticism of Johan Derksen and René van der Jibe on the afscheidsweek that Humberto Tan in RTL Late Night. In fact, he believes that they are still mild in their criticism. “It was embarrassing and terrible.”

Tan was last week for five days in the limelight in the broadcast of the program. So sheaves to guests who mostly kind words for the presenter talked about and got a Tan and different gifts. “Someone should still be aloud on the television say that something could not. The schrobbering of Jibe and Derksen, to the address of RTL was so terrible,” says Youp. “And now go all kinds of fatsoensrakkers whining that Johan, the wife of Humberto on the outside should keep. Does Humberto his own for years.”

Also RTL Boulevard, which lot of criticism was on the VI-men, got them along. “Who have no difficulty with the broadcast of an illegally obtained video of a footballer who is a girl coast in a parking garage. Or a presenter who is not with her own husband in a pub is vozen. Plus all the other discrete echtscheidingsnieuws that they are salivating at their viewers bazelen. That roddelkonten find that René and Johan too far gone. If that’s not humor?”

According to Youp, he has the column in the NRC was not written to Jibe and Derksen to defend, but going to be the piece “about all that sneue jankerds in the media with their lukewarm krokodillentranen.”

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