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Years & Years: snooze button redundant

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It surprised us not a singer Olly Alexander, the public is told that he is looking forward to the concert of Oscar & The Wolf. Both artists share a whimsy, and a proud queerness that many people admired. Also we were completely away from the show Years & Years here gave. It was the alarm clock that the sleeping meadow. The snooze button pressing? Not a hair on our head that thought.

Years & Years-had four dancers brought. They circled constantly to frontman Olly Alexander in modern improvisatiechoreografieën and more importantly: they made sure that there is always something going on that big stage. There were a lot of songs on the program from the unreleased album ‘Palo santo’, and which were perhaps just a little less interesting without the whole show around it.

Nevertheless, ditch the new material seamlessly with the hits from the previous album. ‘Desire’ was released early over, ” King was preserved to the end. You have Years & Years and learn how they beats to pumps and synths to do bubbling.

Olly Alexander drew, as always, a significant part of the attention and showed himself to be a disarming, warm frontman with a close-knit team around her. Or maybe we need a troupe name, because that is what they us to did of thinking: a touring company of artists who live for art and nothing to attract conventions. That might sound a bit pompous, but we were greatly impressed by the seriousness with which the Years & Years-club himself to his task dedicated.

If Years & Years further in this direction continues to evolve, we hope to be there if they ever get a even larger show. With extra dancers. And ahead, what the bells and whistles.

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