WNL is looking for talent for good Morning the Netherlands

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Omroep WNL is eagerly looking for new talent for the presentation of good Morning the Netherlands. The first conversations with any successors and assigns of Vivienne van den Assem is already underway, says editor-in-chief Bert Houses of WNL.

Vivienne van Assem

“Every time a host leaves then flows to the applications within”, says Cottages. Earlier this year, he saw Leonie ter Braak leave for SBS6 and Rose Moggré to EenVandaag. Friday it was announced that Vivienne van den Assem from next month behind the desk of RTL Boulevard seat. “They did a great job,” says Cottages.

A drain is no question, in the opinion of the WNL-boss. He especially sees the sunny side of the flow and is called good Morning the Netherlands is a breeding ground of talent, who all move on to other places in tv-land. “Almost every day a liveprogramma present with a lot of calls, a better school, you can’t get says Cottages. “A ochtendshow is a wonderful opportunity.”


Although this year three WNL-presentatrices goodbye, open public broadcasting is only one vacancy for the new tv season. Houses: “We were a bit more than in our jacket with some different faces. That solved the problem regularly with a duopresentatie, but that’s not necessary.”

Good morning Netherlands, that is currently on a summer break, return in september back on NPO 1. WNL is this summer with a series of high-profile murder cases and is working on a new series about family-run businesses. Rick Nieman to create a new season of ‘ Haagse lobby.

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