Willy Sommers has fun summer single

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After his latest singles ‘No Problem’, ‘Sunday’ and ‘When You are Deep In my Eyes’ was the time that Willy Sommers a hell of a ambiancenummer released… and that was Willy in this ‘Comme çi, Comme ça” to the example of Marc Pircher that earlier this year a smash hit in Germany with scored. Willy’s version, which, of course, in a Folk jacket, this summer certainly have the marquees in turmoil. “Comme çi, Comme ça” is the first single from Willy on the label CNR Legends, the new label CNR Records that artists like Paul Michiels and Rocco Granata in portfolio.
This year, Willy 47 years on the stage, and that is, of course, celebrated! In addition to a rich calendar in 2018, with performances in every corner of Flanders, will Willy this anniversary celebration during his verjaardagsconcerten on 10 and 11 August, in the Casino of Blankenberge. Many hits will be reviewed in a more than 2 hour show, including Seven Carnations, Seven Roses’Let The Sunshine In Your Heart’, ‘Like A Lion In A Cage’ and ‘The Water Is Much Too Deep’, but also ‘Stay Another Hour With Me’ , ‘Dance With Me Until Tomorrow morning ” and, of course, the new single is also not to be missed. Tickets for the concerts are on sale via

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