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Weak Argentina biting his teeth on stiff, Iceland, Messi misses a penalty kick

f9071f74e3977fbdb86b7b7a9c5c5fb3 - Weak Argentina biting his teeth on stiff, Iceland, Messi misses a penalty kick

Argentina is a false note to his world CHAMPIONSHIP started. The South Americans hit against a well organised Iceland does not go beyond a 1-1 draw. Sergio Agüero opened in the first half the score, but Alfred Finnbogason blotted out that goal quickly. In the second half scored a slap Argentina, not more,despite 72% possession of the ball. Lionel Messi was the bitten dog by the Argentines, the Portuguese international missed a penalty kick.

Advance was there with the Argentines, especially the question of who would start as a deep striker. Sergio Agüero was eventually preferred to Gonzalo Higuain. The losing finalist of the 2014 world cup was a favorite against Iceland, at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2016, however, the hearts stole the football fans.

And Argentina began the best to the party and tried the game right away to attract. Otamendi headed home soon. Not much later extended Tagliafico a free-kick from Messi with the head, the leather disappeared through a forest of players and collided right past the pole. Argentina boss, but the best chance in the openingskwartier was for the Vikings. Caballero had too much trouble with a weak back-pass from Rojo. Bjarnason was given a live chance, but the former Standard player decided and more besides.

Argentina redeemed after 20 minutes then his veldoverwicht. Rojo shot on goal, but played as Agüero. The striker of Manchester City controlled the ball, cut his man off and shot hard into the top corner: 1-0! The Argentines got a vertrouwensboost, Messi put goalkeeper Halldorsson immediately after the goal again to work.

But had the South Americans suddenly take a cold shower. Caballero could be an attempt by Sigurdsson does not hold and Finnbogason was there as the chickens at to get the ball within tap: 1-1 thanks to a former player of Lokeren. The Argentines were clearly rattled, and had control of the match from the hands slip. Iceland got more and more grip on his opponent, that on the stroke of rest, a penalty is claimed for the hands. On the other side had to Caballero bring salvation to an attempt by Sigurdsson.

After the break, continued to Argentina on the sucker. Banega came a weak Biglia replaced, that clearly still struggled with the aftermath of his most recent injury. A lot of difference, that, Argentina continued to clash in a Icelandic wall. To that Magnusson ostentatiously in the back of Meza went to push. Who went eagerly down, the ball on the dot. Captain Messi put himself behind the team credentials and stay up… and missed! Goalkeeper Halldorsson crowned the hero of the nation by the weak step penalty to ward.

It did the confidence of Argentina no good. Messi and Banega tried to do from a distance, but lacked purpose or stumbled on the keeper.

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