Van Barneveld: “My wife feared for her life’

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In the attack on the house of Raymond van Barneveld is his wife Sylvia abused. The darter is currently in England, but returns as soon as possible back to The Hague. “I now want to return as soon as possible to my wife to help her and see how she is.”

Archive photo Raymond van Barneveld and his wife Sylvia.

That said Van Barneveld against RTL News. The dartkampioen was Saturday morning phone call from the police who told him about the incident. “They said that they have a nasty communication: your home has been robbed. Of course, I’m very, very shocked.”

Barney says that Sylvia multiple bruises has suffered, but not to the hospital did. “Especially mentally, is the blow is very large,” says Van Barneveld. “She has for her life and feared. (…) I am furious that there are people who my wife has been wronged.”

“Especially mentally, is the blow is very great”

The police can because of the privacy not confirm that the robbers on the Barnevelds had coined. You must report to the police that “the 52-year-old victim’s bruises suffered by a struggle with the three attackers, who in the early Saturday morning the house were invaded”. Medical treatment was not needed.

Sylvia fled eventually to the outside. When the police arrived, the robbers nowhere to be found. It is not known whether they have included.

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