Valladolid, after four years back in La Liga

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Real Valladolid returns after four years back at the highest level in Spain.

The players of Rayo Vallecano celebrate the promotion.

The team of coach Sergio, elfvoudig international of Spain, finished in the second division in fifth place, but won the play-offs for promotion to La Liga. In the final was Real Valladolid too strong for Numancia, after it previously had settled with Sporting Gijon.

The team from the north of Spain had at Numancia with a 3-0 win and had that comfortable lead Saturday during the return for your own audience, is not more in danger to come: 1-1.

Real Valladolid will be back in La Liga, where it is in 2014 from relegated. Champion Rayo Vallecano and SC Huesca had already promotion enforced. These three clubs taking the places of Deportivo la Coruña, Las Palmas and Malaga.

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