Tsipras survives motion to mistrust

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ATHENS – Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras a vote of no confidence in the parliament survived. That clears the way for the signing of the historic agreement with the neighboring country of Macedonia. This republic of the former Yugoslavia then goes through life under the name North Macedonia.

Alexis Tsipras.

The attempt of the opposition party Nea Dimokratia Tsipras degrade had the support of 127 deputies, 153 voted against it. In Greece, the agreement, as well as in Macedonia, a lot of resistance encountered. Thousands of people protested Saturday outside the parliament and calling for the resignation of Tsipras, who, according to them, much too lenient. The riot police put on tear gas to prevent the protesters the building would penetrate.

The deal is Sunday, sealed by the ministers of Foreign Affairs of both countries. That happens in the region of Prespes, a lake on the border with Albania and Macedonia. Also Tsipras and his Macedonian colleague Zoran Zaev will be present. After the ratification of the parliaments have given their approval. Macedonia would also be a plebiscite.

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