Trump wants the image of a ‘bad picture’ G7-top adjust

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It is the American president Donald Trump still high that he is blamed for the failure of the G7 summit last weekend. A series of photos which he is now engaged, must demonstrate that he is on good terms with the other leaders of the largest economies in the world.

The view from the top, there was one that was made by Jesco Denzel, a photographer from the EPA, and distributed by a spokesman of the German chancellor Angela Merkel. That is how to see Trump with a smile seems to laugh at the other leaders.

That interpretation was reinforced after the final failure of the top: Trump left as it announced the top long before the end, but already in the plane he had already do not know behind the final save, and he called the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau in a tweet ” unfair and weak’.

‘A bad picture’

But in spite of that reproach, they can fine find, says Trump now. ‘The Fake News Media to say that I didn’t meet with the other leaders at the G7 summit in Canada. They are once more wrong’ sneered he last night on Twitter.

He referred also to the iconic photo where he the against Merkel seems to take. That is according to him a ‘bad’ picture that ‘anger ‘ suggests’, while he asks ‘where no other American president would ask’. Although there are also many other perspectives were shown, sets Trump.

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