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Tom Odell: long time no Elton (**)

4a2167e1b0d462a29e54334a847ca6de - Tom Odell: long time no Elton (**)

Tom Odells second album ‘Wrong crowd’, from 2016, broke no pots. That had to do with a lack of topsongs that the competition could handle with his hit single ‘Another love’. Also on Werchter Boutique it turned out that Odell does have talent in abundance, but too little haunting songs has that talent honour.

The spirit of Elton John, housed in the ballad ‘Grow old with me”: a cheerful pianootje was the promising introduction of a volcanic eruption of a song. The problem was that Odell be more of that kind of songs in his sleeve, had it, the surprise soon disappeared. ‘I can’t pretend’ was in the same bed, sick: a soft o-o-o-class, followed by solid drums, (quite good) yelp guitars and the typical vocal tricks (‘oooooaaaaah’) of Odell. It all sounded tip-top, but the result was a wall-of-sound. ‘Another love’ kept the balance much better: that song had some room for subtlety.

Not a bad word about Odells rugged gospelstrot, his fine piano playing, and his charming entertainerscool. Three times check. He jumped on top of his wing and from there to the audience and his band whips. But a showbeest you can get him to not call, and we had the feeling that Werchter Boutique there at this time of the day I need to.

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