Tinne Oltmans focus band

72c9a5c71c831550acb483b54083eb2e - Tinne Oltmans focus band

Tinne Oltmans announced the news himself on MNM. She has her own band, founded and has its first gig all bite. The as yet unnamed band will be on 18 August gig at Hamme Zomert. “After 21h!” said Tinne Oltmans proud of MNM. With her Ghost Rockers-colleagues Marie Verhulst (bass), Juan Gerlo (guitar), Elindo Avastia (drums) and Wout Verstappen (keys) join them, of course, mainly in the afternoon, so a avondoptreden took the runner-up of Steracteur Sterartiest already a nice start.

Tentatively the band will be playing exclusively covers, but Pinnacle is cherished still the dream of her own songs to write. And who knows, she may than in 2019, with her own band and own songs, go on tour.

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