’Those who come to Europe, will lose the right to asylum’

58ecab6bc559d10d7d281112c94b5bcc - ’Those who come to Europe, will lose the right to asylum’

Brussels – The Belgian state secretary for Asylum want asylum seekers in Europe report, to be automatically remanded. Requests for stay in Europe, according to Theo Francken in Africa, for example, be handled.

The Belgian staatssecratris asylum want asylum in Europe to be done reject. So must put an end to the dangerous boat trips.

The minister thinks that that’s the end of the perilous crossing by rickety boats.

The most popular politician in Flanders, says in The Newspaper: “This can not last. The asielchaos makes the public opinion only, but bad and bad”.


Italy made already clear that it was not refugees more to want to catch. A ship with 600 people on board had to flee to Spain.

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Francken working on a personal proposal to the illegal migration to stop. “There are in the whole of North Africa is not a safe place? The automaticity of the drop off in Europe, I follow no more. That illegal migration has to stop, because she does – except for those 15 percent who are for open borders – the support of many people melt away like snow for the sun. People who are totally not racist, but rational thought.”

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The politician believes that to who Europe illegally enters, never more has the right to an asylum application. “It’s mad that you first, a smuggler pays, you are so organized crime richer and then, when you later returned, you still may enter?”

“We advocate for the Australian model. One: whoever illegally by boat the country trying to hit, is returned, and will not be granted asylum. They come on a black list and come to Australia. Since that system exists, there are no more deaths”, he says to The Newspaper.

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