This is what you do to not get sick on board

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Amsterdam – The chance to be ill seems to be the greatest in a plane where everyone on top of each other. Recent research shows the opportunity, for example a common cold significantly as you board.

There are no unambiguous rules for the cleaning of aircraft in the world.

For those who you should be ’afraid’ that they can infect? For people two rows in front of or behind you.

Viruses appear to be hours to be active on the surface of the opklaptafeltje and storage bags in the seat in front of you. Blankets and pillows can be contagious.


A thorough cleaning is very important. But there are hardly any rules, so says Peter Greenberg, in America known as the Travel Detective, in a YouTube video.

According to him, are short domestic flights only at night, thoroughly cleaned if the unit is stationary. On international flights, cleaning is better, says the travel expert.

What can you do

How can you protect yourself? Use a lot of hand ontsmetter, is his advice. And if you’re really afraid, bring your own wipes with you on the plane.

Then clean the arm rest, is his advice. And an unexpected board: turn the fan above you is completely open. This is where the most clean air.

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