‘The hague property darter Raymond van Barneveld robbery’

4534bf4fb30dfc8d29b274e6e06204f1 - 'The hague property darter Raymond van Barneveld robbery'

A home at the Harry Pauwlaan in The Hague is Saturday robberies. It goes to the house of darts player Raymond van Barneveld, reports Omroep West. According to a spokesperson of the police, there were multiple attackers.

It is not yet known whether they also use weapons, writes Omroep West. The police can because of the privacy not confirm that it is indeed the home of the darter.

A 52-year-old woman was shocked around 6.30 am woke up and found three men in her house, reports the police. There was a struggle, after which the woman of the house managed to escape and the emergency number called. They ran a few bruises, but didn’t need for her injuries to be treated.

The criminal investigation department calls on witnesses to contact us. It is not yet clear whether the robbers have captured.

Because of the ongoing investigation the police have no further details about the robbery release. Also Of Barneveld not allowed to say anything, he declared to the regional broadcaster.


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