Spouse Raymond van Barneveld robbery in Hague house

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The house of darts player Raymond van Barneveld in The netherlands in Saturday robberies. His wife Sylvia hit it slightly wounded. According to a spokesperson of the police, there were multiple attackers.

Raymond van Barneveld has to RTL News that confirmed it to his house.

The 52-year-old Sylvia was shocked at around 6.30 am woke up and found three men in her house, reports the police. Her husband was for his work in England, but returns as soon as possible back to home.

There was a struggle, after which the woman of the house managed to escape and the emergency could call him. They ran a few bruises, but didn’t need for her injuries to be treated. However, she is very shocked, said her husband. “She has for her life feared.”

The criminal investigation department calls on witnesses to contact us. It is still unclear whether the robbers are armed or have something captured.

Because of the ongoing investigation the police have no further details about the robbery release. Also, Van Barneveld should not go into details, he said.


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