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Spain: football legends Puyol and Iniesta start Social Network on the Blockchain

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Carles Puyol, Andres Iniesta and Ivan de la Pena, have announced the Launch of the Blockchain platform Olyseum. The three former players of FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team to create a social network for sports Fans worldwide. The developers want to take advantage of the football world Cup, to test the application for the first time.

It will be the last Time that Andres Iniesta is on the big stage of world football. After he announced to the end of the season his departure from his parent club FC Barcelona, he will quit after this world Cup its very successful national team career. It is, therefore, the time has come to deal with the New and plan the “career after the career”. For Iniesta, apparently, a Blockchain-application.

To this end, he has teamed up with the former team captain of FC Barcelona, Carles Puyol, together, to work on the Blockchain platform Olyseum. Puyol will be the most the German Fans, the winning goal for 1:0 against the German Eleven in the world Cup semi-final in 2010, painful reminder. Also on Board are the less well-known Ivan de la Pena, a former teammate of both in Barcelona and in the Spanish national team.

Olyseum: Blockchain Social Network for sports Fans

With Olyseum the three Catalan football players want to build a closer bond between current and former players and Fans. So if you want to introduce with the help of Smart Contracts, an Incentive program for Fans, participating in the network. These contributions will be rewarded in the Form of exclusive Merchandise, VIP Tickets and unique experiences with idols. In Spain, there is the Blockchain-a platform already for 2016. Also in countries of Latin America, which have historically close ties to Spain, it is one of the most popular sports Apps.

“During my entire career at FC Barcelona, I had the unwavering support of millions of Fans around the world. Andrés, Iván and I have partnered together to give the Fans the possibility of a real participation. We want to create a place of collaboration for the lovers of this beautiful sport and interacting with users who feel the same as we do,“

as co-founder Carles Puyol.

Also for technical Know-how available

But it is not only (former) footballers are involved in the project, for the technical Background is provided. The company’s CEO, Carlos Grenoir, is a PhD in Computer Science and telecommunications, and comes from the area of information security and neuroscience. In addition, he was involved in the creation of Quantum Fields Technologies, dealing with security projects, research and development of AI and intelligent social networks.

For the first Time with the Fans tested, the App should be in the framework of the currently ongoing football world Cup. Fans from all over the world come to Russia to celebrate a festival of football. The best opportunity for the Olyseum project offers today evening (15.06.2018). Since Andres Iniesta plays with his Spanish team against Iberian neighbours Portugal.

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