Sons find body mother in 8-metre-long python

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Mabolu – Villagers in the Indonesian province of Sulawesi have a missing 54-year-old Indonesian woman found in the stomach of a 8-meter long python. Her children found the snake, with a huge bulge in his abdomen, near their village on the island of Muna in Sulawesi.

Bizarre images show that the body of the woman from the belly of the snake is cut. The body of the mother is eaten by the wurgslang. So reports the Daily Mail.

The woman called Wa Tiba, was Thursday night for the last seen. They had the following morning was not at home, were her two sons are worried and they went looking for their mother. Her sandals, a machete and a torch were battered, found in the forest. Not much later met the boys the huge snake with a thick lump in his abdomen.

Villagers called the police in and then have the snake killed. “The snake is brought to the village, where he then open cut. In the belly of the snake was the 54-year-old woman. She is from top to toe is eaten by the snake,” said a police officer.

Horror movie

The inhabitants of the village are afraid; “it is like a horror movie. People are afraid of. We dare not go outside anymore, and the only thing we now can do is pray for our safety.”

It is known to be the second time in a year that a python a man has been killed on Sulawesi.

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