Silvy De Bie on album Baba Yega

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2016, it was already a bit of, 2017 as well as. But 2018 is for sure: The year of Baba Yega. Since their victory in Belgium’s Got Talent in 2016 make the dancing aliens furore at home and abroad, with a giant fanbasis as a result and much appreciated shows about the borders. With more than 153 000 Facebook fans, 36 000 Instagram followers and millions of youtube views, we can speak of a phenomenon. In the netherlands, but also abroad; see their second place in Germany’s Got Talent at the end of 2017, and their semi-final place in Britain’s Got Talent.
But dancing is not something you do without songs and also there is Baba Yega boss. For the first time to join Baba’s their own self written and produced songs on one album: BABASTYLE. Who wants to dance on the beats of Baba Yega can that so from today.
Baba Yega also launches their new single ‘No Stress’.

The album includes 7 originals also the music they Got Talent, performances and music from Baba Yega: The Movie. If extra is included with the physical album, a poster-booklet. After a film strip, theatre show & 2 singles, it is now time for BABASTYLE. A full album featuring among others a duet with the hugely popular singer & vlogger Soufiane Eddyani & a single with a Love For Music participant Silvy.

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