Sick British boy to get cannabis oil

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LONDON – The British authorities have given the medicinal cannabis oil is released that they had confiscated from an epileptic boy. The boy ended up in the hospital after several attacks. The case reignited the debate over the medicinal use of cannabis in Great Britain.

Charlotte Caldwell with her son Billy at Heathrow Airport.

The 12-year-old Billy Caldwell, was with his mother to Canada, and travelled to the cannabis oil to pick it up after the ministry of Home Affairs, his doctor had ordered to stop prescribing the oil. When she flew back to London names customs of their stock seized.

The boy was Friday hospitalized after he different attacks had had. His mother said that the seizures of her son, which can be fatal, returned after the means by the customs authorities was confiscated. She asked Saturday to the ministry of the Interior to the medication.

“The drug is released by the ministry and will be at the hospital to be delivered,” said a spokesman of mother, Charlotte Caldwell in a statement to the media.

List 1

The ministry of Internal Affairs could not comment on the inclusion of Billy in the hospital. It had earlier already said that it commiserates with his plight, but that it has a duty to prevent prohibited substances Great Britain come in.

According to the British law, cannabis is on list 1, which means that it has no therapeutic value. Medicines of list 1 may be used for research purposes and clinical trials, but only under the license of the ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Caldwell family, which is normally in Northern Ireland, has the support of mps from various political parties.

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