Seventeen deaths by traangasgranaat in Caracas

232bae6e14818f9aaffe54a4647a1d1e - Seventeen deaths by traangasgranaat in Caracas

Seventeen people were on Saturday killed after a banquet in Caracas, a quarrel from the hand was gone and someone traangasgranaat had thrown. In the panic that arose were different people vertrappeld.

That has the Venezuelan minister of Interior and Justice, Nestor Reverol, informed. ‘In the early hours of the morning was a quarrel arose and one of the subjects threw a traangasgranaat in the club (…) in which panic broke loose among the 500 visitors, who all, as fast as possible to outside wanted. Seventeen of them, which behind is a minor, are in the hustle and bustle vertrappeld”, said Reverol on television. The victims died by asphyxiation, and different types of injuries, according to authorities.

The drama happened during a party for the certification of young high school students in the district of El Paraiso in the west of the Venezuelan capital. The minister stated that seven persons have been arrested, among whom two minors, one of which is the traangasgranaat would be thrown. The person in charge of the banquet facilities was also arrested, because he ” no measures had been taken to prevent the firearms or ammunition were smuggled in a public place’, according to Reverol.

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