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SEC is working on the ICO regulations with Pseudo-ICO HoweyCoin

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The SEC is currently working to develop the best regulations for ICOs by the authority experimented with the industry through a Pseudo-ICO name HoweyCoin.


The SEC created the Pseudo-ICO in the last month, to the knowledge of the authorities on the subject of crypto-industry refresh. It is clearly named after the Howey Test, the “promoting a too-good investment opportunity”. Users who try to invest in the Token sale will be forwarded to the education materials to the regulatory authority. The authority hopes to as a result, the signs of fraudulent ICO-sales.

“HoweyCoins use the latest cryptographic technology to allow travelers to buy all of the segments without any restrictions, so that HoweyCoin-buy users in a simple manner, and can sell and either HoweyCoins for the purchase of travel OR use as it as a state-secured and freely tradable investment – or both! “

“Get out Of the Sandbox”

Commissioner Hester Peirce spoke last month about the development of ICOs with almost radical views on this subject. Blockchain-sand boxes are among the global regulators popular, proponents argue that they are a means to the satisfaction of regulators, without impeding Innovation. Peirce sees it differently:

“”Open communication” between regulators and ICOs is without a Sandbox. Peirce advocated a “lifeguard” approach, in which the Supervisory authority “wakes up”, but not with the sand castle farmers sit together and each of your design decisions reviewed. Peirce deplored the fact that the SEC approached the topic mainly with the enforcement Department and said that the Commission should not “lead with their enforcement” powers.

Valerie Szczepanik is a senior consultant for Digital Assets and Innovation

Ms. Szczepanik is filling in as the first Person in this role has been specifically created as a response to the rapidly growing and changing area of crypto-currencies. You will co-ordinate the efforts of all SEC divisions and Offices in relation to the application of U.S. securities laws to new technologies and innovations in the area of digital assets, including the initial coin offerings and crypto-currencies. She was also appointed Deputy Director in the division of corporate Finance:

“Valerie has an early stage the impact of developments such as Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies, and of crypto-currencies, Initial Coin Offerings, Tokenized Securities, and other digital instruments to the securities law.”

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