Sebastiaan Labrie was never planning to have children

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Sebastiaan Labrie (44) and his wife Kim (41) were given two years ago, their son, Ziggy, but were previously never plan to have children. That tells Labrie in Woman Saturday.

“To the displeasure of the oudermaffia,” says the actor and presenter. “That said,” life is really worth less without children. You know not what you miss.’ Then I said, ” No, we have consciously only to each other is chosen.'”

“For many years we used an app that the cycle mat to prevent pregnancy. It was always good. “Maybe we should soon be having a look at something final, do’, we said.”

Soon after that note was Kim pregnant. “It felt a little as if it had to be so. A little later, and it would definitively not have been possible. And, in retrospect, now that I have a healthy child with my great love, I can only say: the oudermaffia was right.”

The couple says that they are “informed” by one child.


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