Sean Dhondt considering relocation to USA

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On Thursday, June 14, was Sean Dhondt a guest in the podcast of Qmusic-dj s Maarten Vancoillie and Dorothee Dauwe. Sean did during the podcast a few remarkable statements.

Sean Dhondt: “I would ever like to move to California”
During the interview the question ” what tv programmes has Sean Dhondt?’ to bid, but soon it deviated from the topic and goes on about his wife, Allison Scott. “I can with my hand on heart say that I have never been so happy with a woman. I’m Allison, for many things grateful, for what they me are all taught and do understand. She is five years younger, but she has a lot of life experience”, says Sean with a smile. Allison has California roots, but her parents had no problems with it to their daughter to the other side of the ocean to leave. Seans parents on the other hand… “I would ever like to move to California, but then I hear my mother say: “Yes, but then I still miss it though. And suppose that there is than children are, where they grow up?’ My mother has it there is more difficult.”

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