Salvini wants even more vluchtelingenschepen stop

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The Italian extreme right-wing deputy prime minister and minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, Saturday promised to be another two ngos, the access to Italian ports will be blocked. The Aquarius, the boat that he earlier this week, access to the land denied, is meanwhile still not arrived in Spain.

Salvini endorse Saturday, in a message on his Facebook page, the ships of the Sea-Eye and Mission Lifeline, both German companies with boats that are under Dutch flag. ‘These gentlemen know that Italy is no longer complicit wants to illegal immigration, so they will other (non-Italian) ports must find to lakes, ” says Salvini.

Salvini writes that the two ngos are located off the coast of Libya standing to ‘a load by smugglers abandoned people’ to pick up. In the Facebook message showed Salvini still know that they have him as a minister and father as much as are allowed to attack and threaten if they want to, but I do not give up and I do it for the good of all”.

Mission Lifeline retweette the message. ‘When fascists advertisement for us…’, added the organization.

Six days ago, refused Italy and Malta, another ngo ship, the Aquarius, to arrive. The Spanish government offered a port. Due to bad weather at sea is the boat, however, still not arrived. Sunday morning would be the anchor in Valencia.

The crew of the Aquarius were last week in the night from Saturday to Sunday rescued by the ship during six operations in the Mediterranean Sea. On board the ship are under more 123 unaccompanied minors, with eleven small children and seven pregnant women. According to witnesses on board, some of them by the trip completely exhausted.

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