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Ripple is investing $ 2 million in the McCombs School of Business

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Ripple Labs has the first University started a Research Fund of over $ 2 million for the next 5 years to support. The financial injection is to promote research and training in the area of the block chain technology and the opportunities and potential of this technology promote.

The McCombs School of Business is the first research institution of the money from the block Hain-research Fund of Ripple, a total of 50 million dollars is difficult. Ripple works with a total of 17 universities, which are scattered over the whole world and the research of the Blockchain have prescribed.

Eric van Mitltenburg describes in a press release that researchers from institutions in the country’s driving force in the further development in this area will be (freely translated):

Science has traditionally been a critical engine for technical innovation. Our support of McCombs is a recognition of the important role the school can play in the promotion of our understanding and the application of cryptography and Blockchain technology.

Cesare Fracassi, teaching Professor at the McCombs School of Business, argues that he still has no exact timetable, as the research is implemented.

Cesare Fracassi is the founder of the Blockchain Initiative, which will support local institutions to conduct research in the area of the block chain technology. He would like more Institutions to the attention of, can also benefit from this program (free):

Not only the Business School but also other sectors. For example, the medical school, expressed her interest in Blockchain research.

Ripple is advancing the research on your own to secure the opportunity in the near future to get well-trained staff of the universities in the own company.

The price of Ripple shows a small decline of – 3.27% within the last 24 hours at a price of € 0.46 per XRP. With a market capitalization of almost EUR 18 billion Ripple currencies continues to be seen by 3 of the largest Crypto.

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