Raymond van Barneveld thanks to Twitter for support

094f4296cc0924ff8cf18f3fc110cdfe - Raymond van Barneveld thanks to Twitter for support

Raymond van Barneveld has on Twitter thanks everyone for the responses, after it was known that raiders zaterdagdagochtend his home in The Hague have invaded. His wife Silvia was at home when there is an intrusion.

Raymond writes: “Silvia and I would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt comments and condolences after the terrible incident, what Silvia has to experience. We are pleased with the support of the police in The Hague and trust that they, the perpetrators can deal with it.”

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’Barney’ was at the time of the robbery in England, but is as fast as possible, returned to the Netherlands. Silvia walked bruises on by a struggle with the three attackers, but didn’t have to go to the hospital. It is not known how much has been captured.

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