Pope Francis: ‘Gay couples are not families’

a706ecd8287a967d962540e692b9650b - Pope Francis: ‘Gay couples are not families’

A family is something that only men and women can form. At least according to pope Francis. “People talk today about all sorts of types of families, but the family in the image of God consists only of a man and a woman,” said the pope Saturday.

Pope Francis allows gay couples consciously away from his definition of a family. In addition, praised the he women that their vreemdgaande men forgive. Many women – and often men – look away and wait until their partner again-faith, said the pope at a forum of catholic families. ‘It is holy, and that out of love, all forgive.’

The pope, in whose country of birth Argentina in the parliament a few days ago for a legalisation of abortion, has voted in favour, condemned zwangerschapsonderbrekingen sharp. Abortions of severely ill fetuses, he compared with the program of the nazis. ‘The previous century was the world shocked over what the nazis have done to the purity of their breed to keep. Today we do the same, but only with white gloves on.’ Children must be accepted as they are, even if they are sick, he added.

Despite the bright sayings is Francis generally more liberal than its predecessors. He has in the past, the Church criticized itself too much to focus on the abortion – and anticonceptiedebatten and said not to him about gay people, to judge. In the doctrine of the catholic Church on sexuality and family planning there are, however, under Francis no reforms.

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