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MoneyConf Dublin in 2018 – Where banks, Tech, and Startups meet each other

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In view of the recent increase in popularity of the crypto gathered currencies, FinTech conference MoneyConf some of the world’s leading banks, technology companies and innovative Startups in Ireland to be an exciting three-day conference. In the RDS Arena in Dublin, 100 technology Start-ups that want to change the financial market, to the opportunity to engage with decision-makers from the industry in contact to discuss the future of the financial system.

13. June 2018; One of the speakers on the Center Stage on the second day of the MoneyConf 2018 in the RDS Arena in Dublin. Photo by Stephen McCarthy / MoneyConf on sports file

The following is an excerpt from the MoneyConf Event page is:

“Is Blockchain change the financial sector forever? What impact will it have beyond crypto-currencies? The founders and CEOs of the world’s most innovative Fintech Startups will be meeting with decision makers of large traditional banks, to explore the future of money, payments, banking and investments.“

The annual conference brought together some of the biggest names in the financial sector, including HSBC, Visa, Goldman Sachs, MasterCard, and Paypal. These long-term players in the financial world discussed various urgent issues such as, for example, the rapid modernization of the digital provision of banking services and how traditional financial institutions should transform to keep up with other FinTech players step.

Edith Yeung, head of 500 Startups in Greater China

On the other side of Fin-Tech pioneers and crypto-currency Startups have participated in cosy talks and panel discussions to illuminate some of the most difficult questions in the industry:

Julian Hosp, the co-founder and President of TenX and Tone Vays, a media designer / researcher

At this year’s MoneyConf over 120 speakers from the financial and tech industry took part, including the co-founder and CEO of Transferwise, Kristo Kaarmann, the VP of Coinbase, Adam White, as well as the co-founder of Ethereum and Consensys, Joseph Lubin . There were also speakers from other Fintech Startups and financial services providers – Circle, Ripple, Deutsche Bank, Credit Karma, ShapeShift, and Bitstamp, to name just a few.

David Schwartz, chief Cryptographer at Ripple

At the MoneyConf 2018 5.137 participants from more than 1,000 companies in the financial world – including 720 CEOs, representing their respective companies. Organized by WebSummit, Inc. “the greatest technology conference in the world” was named, succeeded MoneyConf, the old and the new financial actors for an intellectual discourse at the heart of Ireland.

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