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Monero Hard Fork successful, the Community breathes a sigh of relief

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The for the 06. April planned Hard Fork of Monero was successful. The Community breathes a sigh of relief, because there were lots of uncertainties in terms of the Upgrades.

The Cryptocurrency Monero under-delivery on Friday 8:20 am UTC in the case of block number 1.546.000 a Hard Fork in order to install a Software Upgrade. Due to different opinions and a great deal of skepticism within the Community have gathered a lot of followers in social networks, in order to evaluate the future acceptability and rate.

As we already reported, was aimed at the Hard Fork, the Bitmain announced Anminer X3, specifically designed for the Mining of the crypto night algorithm for all future mining activities from the network. This step is according to the Community is necessary to prevent a centralization of the network.

Already in mid-may, Riccardo Spagni, Core-developers of Monero on Twitter announced that due to a Hard Fork of the Proof-of-Work algorithm is changed slightly, to make the ASIC Miner useless. Before two days, the Monero Team has announced now that the Hard Fork was successful.

Due to the large inconsistencies within the Monero Community have formed two groups, Monero Classic (XMC) and Monero Original (XMO), are retained the earlier ASIC-compatible Software.

Both the websites of the two projects, as well as on international websites-distributed press releases include, but is not plenty of in-depth information on the objectives of both projects. Nevertheless, the well-known exchange HitBTC has announced support for the cryptocurrency Monero Original.

The value of XMC and XMO for the crypto world is doubtful from our point of view. As always, however, can only show the next time how to do it with two projects.

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