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Moderate Denmark has one flash enough, Peru late vast amount of opportunities are

54586fb82e3582e2ef730ce569f8e23a - Moderate Denmark has one flash enough, Peru late vast amount of opportunities are

Denmark is his world cup started with an economical victory, but deserved it was not. Peru was the majority of the match, boss, but forgot to score. Also from the dot wanted to succeed, not for the South Americans. Denmark had a short good period after peace enough with a 1-0 win. Poulsen was the only goal of the match.

Peru began the gretigste to the party. André Carrillo signed for the first shot between the posts, but goalkeeper Schmeichel saved the curl of the Peruvian. Denmark succeeded but difficult to get out from underneath the pressure coming from turntable Christian Eriksen was invisible for the rest.

Denmark the break went without tegendoelpunt, was a small miracle. Peru was after the intervention of the VAR a penalty, but Cueva pegelde hard on the cage of Schmeichel.

The Danes came very sharp out of the dressing room, Peru had to gasp for breath. It was enough for Denmark to score a goal. Eriksen disbanded finally are devils, sent Poulsen at the appropriate moment and the peak of RB Leipzig to shoot his country in the lead: 0-1.

Peru took the match back in the hands, Schmeichel was the rapid end of Flores to avoid. Denmark was been forced onto the defensive, but kept position. Peru has had several chances, but scoring did not succeed. On the counter were Jorgensen and Eriksen have the chance to take the match to decide, but also they failed.

Denmark kept as standby after half an hour of pumping. Flooding did not, however, committed a true hold-up.

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