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Lil’ Small: Ho, hey, Hazes

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Werchter Boutique open: it was not a cat in ‘t cup for Lil’ Small. The whey was still flooding when he ascended the throne with ” I have 1, 2, 3, 4 pills are used’, a slogan that only moderate was sung.

It was puffery, as we now of Lil’ Small just. It must be said that Jorik Scholten are self-created memento of believable embodied: he found a balance between the arrogance that his poenpakkerstypetje required, and the propriety of the ideal son-in-law.

Especially for the parents who are youngest fans accompanied, closed Lil’ Small with André Hazes. The schriele rapper with the pubersnorretje brought unfortunately no cover. He had his dj-She believes in me’. The wei sang along, but the atmosphere was gone.

Lil’ Small had a lot of the reggaeton rhythms in his hits. On “paper route” was the heupwiegen asset. ‘Lottery’ he carried on to all the ladies, who of his kindness, but could appreciate and enthusiastically sang along and danced. At ‘Only’ went all hands meekly back and forth. In between we had Lil’ Small already ho-hey. For the audience, that was all best. On the back of the whey layers of people sunbathing on their picknickdekentjes, but in the near of the stage was Lil’ Small yet a modest party for each other.

“Let us, in these times of war, terrorism, and other stupid things to provide for each other,” said Lil’ Small – free according to the words of the late mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan.

Under that patserpantser of Lil’ Small-is a nice guy.

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