Johnny de Mol directly from Pinkpop to walk

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Johnny de Mol starts on Saturday not really well prepared on the Night of the Refugee. “I’m literally like Pinkpop”, says Johnny in front of the camera of the ANP. “I was there for two days. My preparation was not very flourishing.”

“But that is also again equal the beauty of life”, says Johnny. “It can be really hand in hand. On the one hand, celebrate life, and on the other hand, sometimes a moment to reflect on the life that we do today.” On the ninth Night of the Refugee, the sponsored walk on the initiative of stichting vluchteling (Refugee Foundation, this year 5200 people part. They start at midnight to a walk of forty miles.

Johnny runs with “only” ten miles, with 25 young people. “I went to the school and have told you what is playing. Two children have helped on Lesvos,” says the presenter, who also repeatedly to the Greek island flew to help refugees. “These children say: we want to feel how it is, and us in them to move. Of course, that ten kilometers in stark contrast with what most refugees have to travel, but it’s a start. And we need the youth to start to tell everything that’s going to be more humanitarian, to create.”

That is, in addition to collect money, according to Johnny, the main purpose of the Night of the Refugee. “It is very important to have a bit of awareness for what is happening today in the world all playing. The number of refugees worldwide has never been greater.” According to the presenter’s sympathy is not enough. “We all have that though, it touches everyone a little. But empathy is a different feeling. That is a vulnerable look someone in the eye and realize that I can be’.”

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