IS and Syrian rebels to exchange European prisoners

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the secret prisoners exchanged with terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS). It also Europeans, but perhaps not the Belgians.

According to the British newspaper Daily Telegraph have the SDF, a coalition of Arab and Kurdish fighters, three times in secret with the prisoners exchanged. The newspaper writes that there are also Belgians, but Foreign affairs has ‘no indication’.

In a first exchange, in February, according to the newspaper, 200 jihadis involved, mainly Chechens and Arabs, but also ” a certain number of French and at least one German’.

In a second exchange, in april, it went to fifteen fighters and forty women and children, among whom Moroccans, French and Dutch. The newspaper also speaks about the Belgians, but our country has no confirmation of this.

The majority is against his will to the territory IS controlled, as cited by the Daily Telegraph, a tribal chief, that as a mediator would have occurred. In exchange represents the amount of captured Kurds released.

The last exchange would have taken place on 6 June in Hadjin, in the province of Deir Ezzor. It then went to 15 wives of jihadists, this is it.

According to the newspaper, would in future exchange three Britons will be involved by the SDF be held.

The SDF have thousands of foreign jihadists with dozens of nationalities were taken prisoner. Their fate is unclear, many of their homelands want them not to return.

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