’Irate’ Jan Siebelink: “We had everywhere, cuts on our arms’

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It amazes Jan Siebelink (80) his son to him as ’temper’. The author, next year, he Boekenweekgeschenk, calls himself “pretty quiet,” but when Jeroen (49) with an anecdote on the come up, it turns out that pa? anyway, on a somewhat irascible character features…

Jan Siebelink

The couple discusses in Volkskrant Magazine, the relationship between father and son, after which Jeroen – was also a successful writer by profession – tells about a fight with members of the student group, where he was a member of was. “In the corps, there was a father-zonendag and my father did not know what he saw. Such a ceremony, jackets, and cardigans, total idiocracy, he found it. We were at the height of the presidentsstoel and he was given to understand: you can not arrive. That is the moss, eh, the mores of the society. Well, that he did so well, he was good for it back.”

Then there were a few “kroegcommissarissen” that Jan had to know that he is the chair was not allowed to touch it. “Dad says: ‘Of this chair? I’m just fine.’ That was really a provocation. When they tried to get him to tackle and that was a fight. I have between paid, purely to get him to defend. We got really hit hard. Outside I got from the highest man of the corps to hear that I outrageous had gedagen. I said, ” John, what do you think well, I must for my father arise?’”

Jan Siebelink with his son, Jeroen.

Jeroen was finally for a few weeks, cancellations and also had a excuusbrief preparation. “When I have a very beautiful letter written to the college about fatherhood:” you are all son of a father, you should not have done it?”

During the interview fills Jan his son: “We had everywhere, cuts on our arms. Blood everywhere.” Jeroen takes the call quickly and says: “Well, dad. Don’t overdo it. I do not know, hear. We are together to the Bovenzeedijk walked into a night-club in an omelet to eat. Outside, it started softly snowing, I remember it.”

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