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Interest rates for Bitcoins & Altcoins: Experience and test report

81998d97c853d2edca3d60172936cfe8 - Interest rates for Bitcoins & Altcoins: Experience and test report

On Krytobörsen as you can lend your Bitcoins & Altcoins to a Trader to receive interest. Exactly how this works, what the risks are and what is the role of here, you will learn in the following report.

The own Coins multiply, without having to invest further capital. What sounds unusual at first glance, turns out on second glance to be logically.

On various crypto stock exchanges, such as or you can currencies in addition to the acquisition of various Crypto, your there are Coins to so-called Margin Trader. Use your Coins for so-called Leverage and need for additional capital in order to maximize your (possible) winnings.

For this capital transfer, the so-called Margin Lending, you get interest, it is a short-term loan. The average interest rate for the Provision of, for example, Bitcoins on the last twelve months is around 25%. Since the loans usually only two days, comes here a considerable interest, especially with regard to the compound interest effect.

But as the Lend and what is the role of it does not work?

If you already have an Account at, for example, Bitfinex, you can use the Margin-Lending start immediately. You only need to move your Coins in the Funding Wallet from Bitfinex, what happens without time delay and without any cost.

Then you can offer your Coins on the exchange for Margin traders, by pretending amount, duration, and desired interest rate. Once a Trader has accepted your offer, are locked the Coins for the duration of the Lending agreement””.

But have no fear, the Trader can sell your Coins or pull off or for other things, only for its Leverage. In addition, the Trader must provide the stock exchange a security. His security is no longer sufficient because, for example, be a lever of business to be running against him will end the Trade automatically.

You’ll get your Coins and the interest accrued up until then credited. The only risk is, in fact, that the stock exchange is hacked, but this is a risk with any Online Wallet.

The procedure described above Giving you can perform directly on the Homepage of the relevant stock exchange. Here now comes into play and facilitates the tedious work.

Since the Lendings are running only two days and, as described above, are also terminated early, the Coins are often non-borrowed on the Wallet the stock market and do not generate interest if you do not have to sit 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on your PC want to and all monitor. In addition, the user interface of the exchanges is very cluttered and overwhelmed.

What offers?

The developed Service automates the process of Give according to your specifications. To do this, you need to create an Account at (E-Mail address and password) and the API Key of the corresponding stock exchange . Also, there is no risk of the Coins remain in the Exchange to the Wallet, the API-Key allows the Bot from only, to create the Lending Order according to your specifications in the stock market.

At this point, the developers of have done, in our opinion, good work: Is your produced and entered API Key is not correct, he gives so, for example, too many access rights, the Software recognizes this and asks you to enter a valid API Keys. Otherwise, the Bot will not start its work. This is exemplary and offers just for people who are not familiar with every technical Detail, a great safety aspect. In addition, the most important questions on a concise FAQ answers page, so that you find yourself in a fast and easy to navigate.

If your entries are correct, and Coins to Give your Wallet to the exchange, start the Bot from immediately his work. Also, you can directly on the page with your rental parameters, e.g., minimum interest rate, term, or withheld reserve amount. For each active Loan, so for each of the currently active loans, you can get accurate information about the residual maturity and expected interest rates.

After the completion of the Loans you are credited with your Coins, together with the interest, and directly from the awarded.

You can Give also, of course, stop at any time, then the Bot will not create new Loans until you re-activate.

What are the platforms and Coins are supported?

At the time offers you the possibility to automate the Margin-Lending on and . In addition, will be tested at the time of the Integration of and, according to the developers of soon to all be available. You can however already now as a Beta Tester. Send simply send an E-Mail with your user name to the customer support of Coinlend and you can test this Feature in advance.

According to the on the respective platform tradable Coins offers no restriction: You can all common Coins, from Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ether, and even the US Dollar. New Coins are also implemented in a timely manner of .

Conclusion: Margin Lending is a good way to have more out of your Bitcoins and Altcoins. The interest rate is attractive, and due to the short maturity of the Loans, the compound interest effect takes full effect. If you enjoy a low risk, you can achieve an attractive return, especially in terms of the interest rates on offer at the time for traditional financial assets.

You should use the free Service of multiply your Bitcoins & Altcoins really almost alone. I can to anyone who is interested in Margin Lending, or already active, recommend .

The operation is simple, comfortable, and the side of a variety of statistics, all for free. If you have questions, the Support can be contacted either by email or on Facebook. In our Test, we had received within 10 minutes a response, even though it was 22 o’clock in the Evening.

What is your opinion of this Service? Have you tried it already? Share with us your experiences in the comments!

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