Inmates steal from massively kantinesysteem in prison

209f1edd7715a6baea3a4cfb01a80821 - Inmates steal from massively kantinesysteem in prison

BEVEREN – at least thirty detainees have free shopping thanks to a programming error in the digital kantinesysteem of the prison in the Belgian town of Beveren. It would be a fraud of tens of thousands of euros. That report Belgian media.

The detainees are suspected of fraud within the prison walls. A month ago it was the digital fraud is discovered. “Through that computer system can prisoners all kinds of business purchases,” says a judicial source to The Latest News (HLN). “That can be cigarettes, booze or food, but also stamps, pens, cooking pots in the microwave in the cells or bodywash. You may compare it with a digital corner shop.”

The police is a criminal investigation started. The thirty fraudsters were Friday already with the board of directors called and got a tuchtsanctie.

According to the newspaper within the prison walls the story that “the trick is already being applied since the prison four years ago is going to open.”

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