Greek prime minister Tsipras survives vote of no confidence on Macedonia

aeec3abbdd5bd3090fe99bf0c84e9d15 - Greek prime minister Tsipras survives vote of no confidence on Macedonia

The Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras has Saturday a test of strength in parliament in Athens survived: 127 delegates supported a motion of censure of the conservative opposition, 153 members of parliament voted against it. Following is the dispute between Greece and Macedonia about the name of the homonymous Greek province.

The conservative opposition party Nea Dimokratia (ND) had the vote of no confidence Thursday submitted. She was of the opinion that the government Tsipras is no majority in the parliament to have an agreement with the government in Macedonia to sign the 27-year-standing feud over the name ‘Macedonia’.

Now that motion of censure is voted out of office in the Greek parliament can buitenlandministers of the two countries, according to Tsipras ‘historic agreement’ to sign. That happens Sunday at the Prespameer, in the Macedonian-Greek border.

But what has changed, concretely, with this agreement? From now on, Macedonia (the country) is located North of Macedonia and to state clearly that this name has nothing to do with the hellenistic Macedonia (the province) from the ancient world. In return, wants Athens to pave the way for the former Macedonia – or the future of Northern Macedonia, if you like – to join NATO and the EU accession negotiations to continue under the new name.

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