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GP of Belgium three years longer on the F1 calendar

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The GP of Belgium will be three years longer, until 2021, on the F1 calendar are reports the Walloon business newspaper l’Echo.

The current contract for hosting the GP of Belgium at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps ends this year. Negotiations between Liberty Media, the new owner of the Formula 1, and the Walloon government had, therefore, to.

It is, indeed, the Walloon government, especially with Liberty Media around the negotiating table had to sit down because it is also the Walloon government, which is the annual loss of the organization of the GP of Belgium.

The organization behind the GP of Belgium, SPA GP, despite the rising number of visitors to the losses pile up. The Walloon government continues loss however the most for the sake of the ‘economic importance’ of the F1 race for the region.

“The revenues for the Walloon economy amounted to about 20.5 million euros in 2017, representing an increase of 21 per cent,” says the Walloon, deputy prime minister and minister of economy Pierre-Yves Jeholet. “The F1 race to promote the region on the world stage.”

For the GP of Belgium are allegedly already around 200 000 tickets sold, of which about 75 000 tickets for the race day itself. Especially the Dutch fans have the past few years, a considerable share in the rising ticket sales. They arrive en masse Max Verstappen at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps to encourage.

The GP of Belgium takes place this year on Sunday 26 August.

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