’German intelligence service spies on the neighbors’

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VIENNA – The Austrian authorities have Germany clarification asked about the years of systematic spying on the public administrations and companies by the intelligence service BND. The magazine ’Profil’ and the Viennese newspaper ’Der Standard’ revealed that German interception activities Saturday.

President, Alexander Van der Call and chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

“The extent of that control was huge,” responded chancellor Sebastian Kurz. “That friendly countries to each other spying is not only unusual and undesirable, but also unacceptable,” added president Alexander Van der Call, during a joint press conference.

The BND would be in the period 1999-2006 the telecommunications of central institutions in Austria, including diplomatic representations and international organizations, have intercepted. The concerned data via a total of around 2000 telephone lines and e-mail addresses. Vienna now wants to know details and to hear exactly who in the holes, and when that stopped. If there is information stored will be destroyed.

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